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Food kiosk

Customized Mall Modern cake kiosk crepe food dessert kiosk for sale

Model NO.: MSF180207
Measurement: Custom
Price: US 500 - 7500 / Set
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Delivery Detail: 10-18 working days

Product Detail

Customized mall modern cake kiosk crepe food dessert kiosk for sale

1). Kiosk Body:

 Plywood+ fire-proof plate(HPL). Plywood is very well-knit, has a strong bearing

capability, and it is water proof, can use for a long time. HPL is a kind of special

surface finish material, to protect from fire and assure safety.

2). Kiosk Countertop:

High quality man-made stone countertop ensures good usage experiences.

It looks very beautiful, easy to clean, also of good chemical stability.

3). Acrylic Logo:

Its shape can be customized as your logo. When power on, it can be

illuminated. Its color also can be customized.

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